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On November 3, 2021
Construction logo

A creative and high-quality construction logo design lends credence to a construction company’s brand. Folks come to your construction company for expert assistance with huge projects that influence their daily comfort. Unless you seek customers to contact your company, design a construction logo that inspires confidence the moment they see it.

A construction has plenty to prove if either you work with consumers or businesses. Literally, you’re asking clients to put their trust in you with expensive projects that, if they go awry, could cause a lot of stress. Creating a robust brand and construction logo from the start sends the right message. You run a serious company that values quality.

Contractors compete fiercely, and a noteworthy brand mark provides you an edge over the competition. Create a construction logo that highlights your company’s strengths and encourages people to contact you.

That’s where Creative Solutions & Co. jumped in. Our reputable client, Thacker, a construction company was helped by us to expand reach through our creative-cum-fine quality logo designs.

A quick background of Thaikedar. It is an Islamabad-based construction company, which handles large, complex projects and small, community-focused efforts with the same amount of expertise and passion. The company vision also enhances the internal culture and maintains its reputation as a construction leader, an employer of choice, a trustworthy and respected contractor, and an active community member.

Thaikedar is one of the construction companies in the capital, whose work has been merited with rave reviews.

Nevertheless, the team of Thaikedar wanted a 360-degree do-over of their brand. And they chose us. Our dedicated team went to work to fulfill their needs and requirements. Afterward, our work of creative logo designs for them received heaps of positive responses from their customers and audiences. To believe conservative estimates, the social media accounts of Thaikedar’s online traffic jacked up to 54% after our work for them. The management of Thaikedar was overwhelmed by the lavish positive feedbacks. We at Creative Solutions take pride in our work, and Thaikedar is the prime example of it. Through our rigorous work on the brand, we completely enhanced its public image, outlook, and experience.

“Creative Solutions & Co, best in the region for construction logo designing and for branding. We are satisfied and highly appreciated your work. Best of luck,” these words are from the director of Thaikedar, Ahsan Mughal. The rave reviews reinforce the dedication, determination, and hard work we put into the work of each client.
What’s even great, is when, witnessing the success of the brand of Thaikedar, the management of Thaikedar again approached us for the branding of their new venture called E-Arazi. Similarly, we employed our cutting-edge ideas to invigorate their new brand. Likewise, Thaikedar, the results are nothing short of phenomenal.

Here are the areas where the team of Creative Solutions & Co. enhances the brand of Thaikedar:
Thaikedar’s Logo (Font) has been customized in a way to incorporate a professional, creative, and regional feel to their audience.

Thaikedar’s Logo (Icon) has been created in such a way to represent Construction, Real Estate Builders, and Developers Brand Message.

The above-mentioned example is one of many fantastic works we developed for our clients, mostly from the construction sector. Creative Solutions & Co. always strive for the best through our work. With logo designing, especially for construction companies are our strength. Most of our clients are attracted to our dependable name and the high-quality of work they expected from us. And we never disappointed them.


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