Calligraphy Logo Design

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On September 5, 2022
calligraphy logos design

Calligraphy Logo Design

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New startups, companies, and also reputable Brand, Marketing, and Creative teams count on Creative Solutions & Co. to create or enhance their logo design, brand design, layouts and so more centered on marketing strategy, user feedback, competitive analysis, and as well as other factors. Creative logo design is necessary for any Brand to succeed and we at Creative Solutions & Co. made that happen.

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Calligraphy Logo Design: What? Why? And How?

Let’s start with a very simple yet complicated question, what is calligraphy?

When we hear the word calligraphy we think of Arabic or Persian writings. Uniquely written verses & names written in Arabic have remained the face of calligraphy. But academically, calligraphy is a visual art related to writing. It is the art of producing ornamental handwriting or lettering with specially designed pens and brushes. Calligraphy involves writing by hand in an expressive manner with particular instruments. Calligraphy continues to flourish in the forms of wedding invitations and event invitations, font design and typography, original hand-lettered logo design, religious art, announcementsgraphic design, and memorial documents.

In modern times calligraphy has also been modernized with digital tools, software, and devices that are specifically designed for this visual art. Calligraphy has evolved into more than just a handwritten piece of art. Modern calligraphy ranges from handy inscriptions and designs to fine-art pieces where the letters may or may not be readable. It is also used for branding, props, moving images for film and television, graffiti, and graphics for testimonialscertificates, logo design, post designtitles, and other written works.


Why are calligraphy designs so crucial for business these days?

In this progressive & digital world, calligraphy has something very special to offer. It plays a vital role in marketing your start-up business effectively to build an audience, branding, and building a brand image for your business. We have written a detailed article on branding your business.

A calligraphy logo design has the potential to create a powerful and strong image of your business in the market. You might have noticed that the most successful businesses and brands that you use have calligraphic designs and logos.

For example Coca-Cola. In the early days, many businesses did not pay attention to branding their products but for Coca-Cola, it has always been a key ingredient of success. John Pemberton and Frank Mason Robinson together creatively designed the name and its presentation to build an everlasting strong brand image that would last for centuries.

Coke’s logo is pure work of calligraphy since its inception. It is the secret of Coca-Cola’s success, that despite having many rivals in the market coke dominates the cola industry. Other successful companies and brands that use calligraphy logo design include Virgin, Kleenex, Barbie, Kellogg’s, Disney, Ford, etc.

Designing a logo is an essential part of marketing a business and is very crucial for the success of your business. You can read about its importance here. You need a visually powerful and trustworthy calligraphy logo design to build a strong brand image and relationship with your customers. To do this, you need a creative and professional calligraphy logo designer.


Where to Find a Calligraphy Logo Design Or Calligraphy Logo Design Creator?

When searching online for calligraphy logo creators you may find various online websites offering logo-making services. But you may find it complex if you are not familiar with logo designing and logo designing software. Logo design is an art that can be performed by skilled, dedicated, and professional designers for clients. You can Have your business logo created by any designer around the corner but it may not be that much productive or could damage your brand identity. For powerful, strong, creative, and professional logo design you need a professional like Creative Solutions & Co.


To come up with exciting ideas, our team will review your brief and dive into your brand, research competition, and target market.


Our core-team will then start work on the creative ideas by sketching them out in order to turn the cream of the crop idea into a logo design.


We’ll move onto final stage of designing your creative logo after such creative sketches that fully define your brand.


As once requested design has been created, we will let you to check our work to see the overall result of our meticulous process.




With the purpose of offering high-quality services, we generate distinctive customized calligraphy logo designs. By mixing traditional and digital arts, we create masterpieces.



One of the most significant aspects of our work is creating one-of-a-kind visuals that reflect the character of your company. We have a team of elite designers who collaborate to develop creative and one-of-a-kind logos.



By giving true value for money, we can give you with the optimum pricing plan based on your demands.



Creative Solutions & Co PVT LTD is an excellent example of visual representation. We can do the jobs with the highest professionalism. We have the most skilled team of professionals in their respective fields working for us.



Our number one priority is to design creative and appealing logos. We guarantee that we will design the ideal logo for our clients depending on their specifications. And we will make your brand stand out via our efforts.

Calligraphy Logo Designed


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How our customers stay efficient and agile with Creative Solutions & Co.

Thank you so much for such creative work and in-time work delivery. The best thing about your services is in time delivery and kind response. I am very grateful and very happy with the work you have delivered. The creativity and aesthetics are your commands. Keep the ethics maintain and keep doing great work.

HMA Enterprises

Hina Amin

Great Work , I received a great logo & Branding, very quickly and at a great price. I continue to tell other business owners about this site and will continue to use this service for any future ventures.

Caram Cargo

Kamran Afzal

Never knew branding could turn out that easy. Creative solutions helped me out by providing several options related to my domain of work. We then narrowed down the options together and results came out amazing.Cheers to the entire team of Creative Solutions for managing my assignment.

Majestic Developers

Umar Shehzad

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