Types of logo designing

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On August 31, 2022
types of logo designing

Types of logo designing .   A logo is an image that represents your business. It is the identity of your Business through which your business is recognized. Designing a logo is a very crucial process. You have to very carefully opt for the type of logo that you are going to use for your business.

Yes, Type of logo. When it comes to designing, a logo is categorized differently. Fonts, images, color palettes, etc may not make difference till you are clear about the type of logo that best fits your business.

Generally, logo designing is divided into two main types, Iconic logos & Alphabetical logos. Iconic logos are Image based logos while Alphabetical logos are name (word) based logos. Apart from these two main types, there are several other types of logo designing that include word marks, letter marks, brand marks, combination marks, emblems, etc. In this article, we have sorted 5 basic and essential types of logo designing and will elaborate on where to use which type of logo.


The five basic & essential types of logo designing


  1. Logotype AKA Word-Mark

All logos that are made of text are logotypes. It could be the company’s initials (monograms), name or signature, etc.

Logotypes are used to promote a brand name. It is one of the traditional branding techniques that are widely used in logo design. For example, Coca-Cola became one of the most popular brand symbols because of its logo; the logo gave Coca-Cola global recognition and fame.

Typography is the key to the logotype. Fonts must be very carefully chosen or designed. The bold letters in the logotype represent how strong your brand is, on the contrary colorful, curvy, and stylish fonts suggest joy & casual easygoing brand identity.


Logotypes are recommended for

  • For new brands or unfamiliar businesses, with logotype log design people will learn the name & brand may get more fame.
  • For the brands or business whose name reveals the business itself
  • Logotypes are also efficient for the brands that use slogans with the name
  • For industries, Law firms, and service providers logotype is recommended
  • The business that desperately needs fame & recognition
  • Brands or businesses with historical representation


  1. Logomark AKA Brand-Mark


Logomark, a.k.a. symbolic logo, image mark, icon mark, or brandmark, is a graphic-based design that contains all necessary information about the brand. Unlike logotype, it is an icon-based logo that contains no text at all. For example Apple logo, Nike logo, android logo, twitter’s logo, etc. All of these logos are simple & straightforward that give your business a branding vibe. It tells a story or depicts what your company or business is all about.

If designed carefully, logomark can be very influential in branding your business. It has the power to manipulate people’s perception of your business. Logomarks or brand marks are neat and easy to remember. For instance, Twitter logomark tells about your business, a mountain bluebird with a dash of hummingbird thrown in, “the ultimate representation of freedom, hope, and limitless possibility.”

Logomarks are recommended for

  • An emerging business that desires to be a famous brand
  • A business that needs rebranding
  • A business that is already famous for any icon, symbol, or activity
  • Business whose name is the name of an object or animal etc
  • relatable Service providing businesses


  1. Combo Logo

As it appears in its name, the combo is the type of logo design that involves Logotype and Logo Mark together. It is a combination of the brand mark and brand name, For instance; Pizza Hut, Adidas, Walmart, and Domino’s, etc.

It makes it easier to trademark, and distinguish, and less likely to be confused with other brands.


Combination logos are used 

  • To can convey a visual idea of what the brand represents, as well as make it clear what it’s called.
  • Useful for new or less well-known brands.
  • For the brands that require swift popularity and Name Fame.


Though it is a complex logo design type if it is designed creatively your brand can reach new heights of popularity.



  1. Emblem Logo

An emblem means a symbol or insignia. Emblem logos are often confused with combo logotypes. Like combination logos emblem logos, also involve wordmark & brand mark compilation. The only difference between them is that in the emblem design logotype is placed inside the logomark. An emblem is created very creatively so that the brand name and its logo create attractive insignia for the brand. It conveys perfection and prestige. For example Starbuck, Fox Studios, Forces Seals, etc.

Emblem logos are s used for brands that have a history. Emblems are widely used by organizations, Institutions, charities, sports teams, and government agencies.

Due to its resemblance with a seal or badge this style of logo design promotes authenticity to a modern-day brand.


  1. Abstract Logo

Abstract logos are logo design that is purely made of an image without involving any text or letters. It is a visual representation of a brand’s ideology, feelings, and connectivity. An abstract logo is unique, creative, and easily recognizable. Here are some popular and universally recognized abstract logos: Mitsubishi, Olympics, Toyota, Pepsi, Spotify, and Mastercard.

Creative Solutions & Co believes that an abstract logo is a precise description emblem – brand vibe. Unlike other logo design types, abstract logos compact your brand into a single image.

The elements and colors in the abstract logo are carefully and creatively used to convey a specific meaning that revolves around the brand.

Abstract logos are the best suitable for brands whose names do not work well with different languages or regions.

These are the basic and main types of logo design that are frequently used worldwide. Keep these types in mind while designing a logo. Creative Solutions & Co are prominent and fastest-growing digital & designing agency that Makes sure that the logo justifies the brand, its ideology, and business, and connects with customers.

You can schedule your call or can directly quote for logo a design that is creatively perfect for your business and brand.

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